Daniel Lentz

MY ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS are of various sizes and shapes and are scored for a variety of ensembles, from solos to full orchestra and chorus. I have used, and continue to use only the highest quality cast acrylics and paints in these works. All of the Illuminated Manuscripts appear as abstractions, as a musical score itself appears.... symbols floating in space, but carrying a sonic message that, when performed, becomes Music.

A unique aspect of the Illuminated Manuscripts is that, when one purchases an original 3-dimensional manuscript, one also owns the exclusive rights to the music, and one of only two digital recordings of the score; the second "copy" is saved for my archives.

Traditional illuminated manuscripts are vehicles of the collective memory of western European culture. Most of the surviving manuscripts were created in the 700 years between the 9th and 16th centuries. My Illuminated Manuscripts, while influenced and inspired by these much earlier works (The Book of Kells in Dublin especially, but also the manuscripts made by Native Americans which I first encountered at the Santa Barbara Mission in the early 1970s), differ greatly from them in that the imagery is purely musical. And instead of inks on parchment I use modern UV-treated acrylic paints on transparent cast acrylic sheets, tubes, and spheres.